What is the purpose of the class? Re-education for those who have shoplifted or have been accused of theft in an attempt to give you information that you can use to change your behavior.

What is the cost and how do I pay? $29.95, paid at registration by credit or debit card.

What if I don’t have a credit card? A money order can be sent to the office. Please contact Jim at 651-800-5488.

Where is the class held? The class is 100% online.

How do I get additional information about the SATA class? If you need information that is not on the website, you may email Jim@sataclass.org or call 651-800-5488 during normal business hours. Messages will be returned the same or next day.

Are there any discounts? No.

How long will this take? The total program would normally take about 2 hours to complete. The workbook should be given about 30 minutes. The more you put into the workbook, the more you will get out of the whole program. The three videos are 13, 18 and 45 minutes. The time to take each test would be about 5-8 minutes.

What is the “trick” to passing? Print out the study guide and pay close attention to the material presented. If you cannot print this out, contact your Community Corrections department or Jim@sataclass.org to have a copy mailed to you.

What does the class consist of? The class has four main parts. There is a workbook that helps you think through what and why you committed theft. These questions are designed to help you fully unpack what-why-how of your actions. There are three videos, each followed by a test. The tests are corrected by an instructor within 24 hours. The instructor may have a question about a response, if your score was close.

Can I watch the videos in any order? You can, but it is best to watch the videos in order.

Can I watch the videos over if I lose connection or don’t pass a test? Yes, you can watch the videos and take the tests as many times as needed to pass.

Can I fast forward to the test? No, all video controls are turned off. You can pause a video by hitting the “space bar” on your key board.

What will I get at the end? When you have passed all three tests, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion for the courts. More importantly, you will gain the knowledge that will help save you from having to repeat the mistakes that made you take this class.

Who is the instructor? Your instructor is Jim Thienes, who is trained and certified to educate in the area of Shoplifting and Theft Awareness.