Online Class

This class can be easily finished, but you do need to pay attention or else you may have to repeat a section.

You can take this program on a smart phone, BUT it is much better and easier on a laptop or desktop computer.

Step 1: Answer the questions on pages 3,4,5 and do page 7 cost of stealing. Save this file to your computer/device. You may have to submit it depending on your test results. You can print the workbook out for your own keeping before you submit it. The answers need not be long – one-word answers are fine. SATA Class DOES NOT share any answers with Community Corrections (probation) or Law Enforcement.

Step 2: Print out the “Video Study Guide” You need to print out the study guide or request one be mailed from Community Corrections (probation) or by emailing

Step 3: Watch each video and then answer the questions. Press “Submit” when done. A password is generated after you watch the video. Enter the password to take the test. There are on-screen directions. It may take 24 hours for you test to be graded. Go ahead and watch the next video. The worst thing that will happen is that you will need to re-watch and re-take a test from a video. You can do so as many times as you need.

Step 4: If all the tests are passed, you will get a certificated sent to your email.

Best way to pass the first time? Pay close attention and review the study guide, so you remember to look for certain information.

Download the Workbook

Download the Study Guide

Video 1

13  minutes
Left click video to Pause.

Video 2

18  minutes
Left click video to Pause.

Video 3

45  minutes
Left click video to Pause.